"listen to the universe, listen to yourself, listen to others"

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Sylvan LaCue has been releasing a ton of new music this year. In fact, the Florida artist has already released three new projects in 2018, including his debut Apologies In AdvancedFlorida Man & most recently Searching Sylvan, but despite all that music Sylvan isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Today, the Florida rapper decides to come through and share a new single & accompanying video called “3:33,” which is a remake of Bas & J. Cole‘s “Tribe.”
Leaving the J. Cole & Childish Major-production intact, Sylvan decides to reveal a few things and rap about his decision to turn down Roc Nation's offer and maintain his path on the independent circuit. "I almost signed to my idol this year, the Roc almost did come alive, but it's Wise, Wise, Wise," he spits. 
Speaking on the song’s origin, Sylvan told Billboard: “I really love the beat that Bas and [J.] Cole did. I just loved it. I was listening to it on repeat in the tour van. We were in Salt Lake City at the time and I started writing to it. I asked my DJ if he could just grab me the instrumental. I don’t know, man. It was the product of a lot of experiences. I realize I hadn’t spoken much about a lot. Even with Florida Man, there was a mission behind it. It was a lot of reminiscing and from a hindsight perspective. But this record is me kind of speaking how it felt. I hadn’t realized how much had happened in my life.”
Quotable Lyrics:
Master with my masters, what would Jigga do?
Niggas act like I ain't finished school
Independent with the funding outta pocket
Yet they still think I'm out of pocket

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