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In the last few weeks, it's become clearer and clearer that Lil Peep's estate is working towards a new album. It's been hinted at for the better part of the year as the late artist's go-to producer, Smokeasac, has shared a few updates on the outcome of the posthumous work. Come Over When You're Sober Pt. 2 was formally announced on Peep's Instagram page a few days ago, with a tracklist being teased through a live-stream and a single being announced. Today, we start the rollout for the project with a release date announcement and a brand new single from the late singer.
"Cry Alone" arrives after much work was done on the first posthumous body of work by Lil Peep. Gus passed away last year and since then, we've heard his voice on a few different records. The most recent have been collaborations with XXXTentacion and iLoveMakonnen as his "Sunlight On Your Skin" hook was repurposed on the X track. Accompanied by some footage of the superstar while he was alive, Peep's new video is a little bittersweet to watch. The song is as emotional as you would expect from the artist as he goes on about hating everybody in his hometown and wanting to burn his old school down.
This is the first track from a collection of music we'll be hearing soon from Peep. Come Over When You're Sober Pt. 2 will be released on November 9. Let us know your thoughts on the song.
1. Broken Smile (My All)
2. Runaway
3. Sex with My Ex
4. Cry Alone
5. Leanin’
6. 16 Lines
7. Life is Beautiful
8. Hate Me
10. White Girl
11. Fingers
Quotable Lyrics:
I hate everybody in my hometown
I wanna burn my old high school into the ground
I hate everybody in my hometown
Tell the rich kids to look at me now

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