"listen to the universe, listen to yourself, listen to others"

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Wyclef prepares the masses for his forthcoming project "Wyclef Goes Back To School."

Wyclef Jean is considered a legend in the game. The man has come out with so many hit records, selling over 100 million albums worldwide and winning several Grammy awards over the course of his career. He continues to prove why he's such an important figure in the industry too, not slowing down his grind after spending three decades hard at work.  
Premiering as Zane Lowe's World Record of the day on Beats 1 Radio, "Baba" has Wyclef finally finding out the true origins of his ancestry. "I just took my DNA test, dun-da-da/ 100% Nigerian, baba," raps the global superstar. He's joined by Kofi Black and Sejahari Amaru Saulter-Villegas on "Baba," a celebration of his roots. This record gives us a taste into what type of flavor to expect once the album drops. Clearly, Wyclef hasn't lost a step in terms of finding some of the best international talent there is.
Quotable Lyrics:
When Nancy Reagan told the hood 'say no to drugs'
Her hubby Ronald Reagan was the plug
Patience is a virtue but not for consignment
You would think it's Vietnam the way they dying

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