"listen to the universe, listen to yourself, listen to others"

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Bhad Bhabie has officially begun amassing a discography. While all bets are off, it cannot be denied that the young rapper made use of her extensive contact list, extending a long-distance call to YG. The Stay Dangerous rapper came through on "Juice," which finds both parties navigating a piano-centric beat; while lacking Tay Keith's signature tag, the instrumental does evoke memories of "Look Alive" and "Not Alike." In any case, the formula continues to prove successful, as both YG and Bhad Bhabie alike take to the gothic pianos with flourish.

You may take umbrage with her presence in the game, but like it or not, the young lady is showing no signs of departure. Yet don't expect any sense of humility; the game has not softened her, as one might have expected. "I beat the braids off that bitch, J’s off that bitch," raps Bhabie, perhaps alluding to a previous feud with the notorious Woah Vicky. "Come through in a wraith on that bitch, sprayed on that bitch."
As for YG, he acquaints himself with comfort, spitting fatherly wisdom like "they gone look back at all this G shit and be like damn my dad was a dad." The young gangsta has indeed reached his final form.
Quotable Lyrics
I beat the braids off that bitch, J’s off that bitch
Come through in a wraith on that bitch,sprayed on that bitch
Diamonds drip off my clock, I finesse on yo block
Water drip off my chain, I make a mess on yo block

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