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The first of Tyga's new songs comes with a video that you may not want to watch at work.

Tyga has been pretty consistent in stating his love for the female body. His passion for women's anatomy extends beyond his music as he's been romantically linked with some of the most curvaceous women in Hollywood. He's also been pretty reliable with his art this year as T-Raw's comeback continues today. Yesterday, it was announced that two new singles would be released today and right on cue, he decided to get them out bright and early. It may not be the right time to hit club but when you're Tyga, you're basically surrounded by half-naked women on a daily basis.
This track has the makings of something special for the California native. He's been working hard and releasing tracks that people will remember, like "Taste" and "Swish." Alongside "Dip," "Swap Meet" will likely be seen as one of Tyga's better songs before the end of the year. It's equal amounts catchy and hype and with a video partly taking place inside the strip club, this has the workings of a stripper's paradise. 
The man has been making a serious comeback this year and he's destined to close out 2018 with a bang. Which of the two new tracks is your favorite?
Quotable Lyrics:
They get me room service, bring it to my bed
'Cause I'm a good lookin' n---a, I ain't tryna stunt
She get so fucking happy when I light the blunt
Got these hoes going crazy 'cause I'm single now
If you cherish that girl, don't bring her around

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